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Included in this order is about 1. 5 or more ozs of Raw Shungite. Free gift is also included.

Shipping free inside United States.

Outside US charges flat rate shipping.

This Shungite is very high grade, Shungite is from Russia which is very hard to get now, this is the time to get before supplies run out!

Emf Protection, Healing for the body !

There's many levels to Shungite and man's different stages and kinds. This version is the highest quality of raw rough Shungite . This version is

a dusty, opaque black stone,

with minute mineral inclusions, notably pyrite, appearing in places as specks or tiny veins. This grade is suitable for

carving and other lapidary purposes. 

Shungite, is a stone relatively new to the western hemisphere, it has been famous in Russia, its exclusive place

of origin is Karelia, Russia. It is the only known natural source of buckyballs native to Earth. Up to 99 percent carbon.

Raw Shungite Stones ( High grade) 1.5 oz

SKU: Shungiteraw4

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