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XL size

Weight: 1 lb and 14.6 oz wow!! Almost 2 lbs !

Master Carved by Lydia Kalal in Mexico

Master imprint/ Programming by Ra Castaldo in Bear Mountain, Ny

Imprinted with our Master Reiki Healer Moonstone Skull 'Albina' which was programmed at the N Salem NY Balanced rock Red Granite Megalithic Dolmen during WinterSolstice archeoastronomy solar alignment also during , Equinoxes and Lions gate !! This makes it one of a kind and like no other you can get in the world, very rare !

Considering all that this is an incredible deal, with priceless imprinting/ programming.

Introducing 'Albinina' Moonstone Crystal Skull Light Warrior #207

this is the highly sought after highest Quality type of Moonstone, contains both Blue and Golden Flash !

Blue flash all over the pineal and crown, face, Eyes , absolutely gorgeous, stunning, soooo incredible! This guy is an easy one to work with the Blue flash activates wisdom from the higher dimensions and Moonstone really helps balance the energies and life of the One working with it.

Are you being called to be the 1st Guardian of this Master Carved Crystal Skull?

Moonstone Skulls of this quality are quite rare and special. Nowadays everything is being copied and cookie cutter versions......get a real unique Master Carved Life long companion, with Reiki Healer capabilities, priceless imprint/ programming for Reiki Healing!

Imprint/ Programming done by Ra Castaldo Reiki Healer Crystal Skull Master

Crystal Skull Light Warrior #207

Of the 999 light warriors 2015 until 2045

Our skulls are all made from the most ethically sourced natural minerals , highest quality and Master Carved by some of the world's finest Craftsmen and women. Those that are programmed are programmed by Master Reiki Healer Ra Castaldo and assisted by his daughter Tana Castaldo.

Ra Castaldo has about 30 years experience programming stones and Has been a master Reiki Healer since July 19th 2019 !

XL 'Albinina' Master Carved Reiki Healer Rare Moonstone Crystal Skull


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