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Incredible Priceless Programming Energies!

Ferruginous Golden Healer Quartz from Brasil master Carved into Reiki Healer Elongated Crystal Skull!

Programmed for Reiki Healing by Master Reiki Healer Ra Castaldo

Programmed to build Psychic shield for its guardian !

When received call upon the golden light to form an egg shaped elongated shield around your whole body and bio energy field from about a foot above you to about a foot below you anchoring below and above. All unforseen negative thoughts and energies coming from others will bounce off that shield and get evaporated

Are you being called to be the guardian of this very special skull ?

Weight : 1.12 oz

Shipping included inside US

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Free gift included

Almost all miniature crystal skulls on the market are cookie cutter low quality skulls. All look the same !

Our skulls are all made from the most ethically sourced natural minerals , highest quality and Master Carved by some of the world's finest Craftsmen and women. Those that are programmed are programmed by Master Reiki Healer Ra Castaldo and assisted by his daughter Tana Castaldo.

Ra Castaldo has about 30 years experience programming stones and Has been a master Reiki Healer since July 19th 2019 !

Elongated Master Carved Crystal Skull Golden Reiki Healer Quartz PSI Protection


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