Welcome to Sacred Light Technology !

Ralph-Anthony "Ra" Castaldo’s custom made tensor tool creations are unlike any other tensor tool on the market!!  The copper used is treated with Orgone powered pyramids, and frequency generators set at 432 MHz. When twisting copper , a positive charge is created within the copper , has healing effects , agricultural benefits, and can cleanse atmosphere, water, and so much more! The Sacred cubit that we use was used by the Ancient Egyptians and is used within the construction of the Great Pyramid. Sacred cubit is built at 144 mz which is Harmonic Light Speed ! 

These items can help pull both emotional and physical pain/stress from the body and can even be used for domesticated pets. This is not  a cure but a remedy for harmful energies and bacteria within, your physical body, your energetic body and the atmosphere / environment around you! 

Also available are crystals, specimens, and  harmonizers.  Crystals like the beautiful Kyanite are also bathed in orgone energy and white clary sage before shipped.  We only carry the highest grade crystals that we can find . Each Crystal has different positive healing effects for the mind, body, soul  and have different harmonic vibrations ! 

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