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Sacred charged @ North Salem Ny Balanced Rock

Very powerful over 200 million years old! 2 or more stones included depending on size/weight

These are Petrified wood, grounding stones from Hopi Reservation in Arizona. It is illegal to take this product from the petrified forest in Arizona, this was obtained legally from Hopi tribe members, as it helps them. You will receive a certified card of authenticity as well. These are petrified wood that has become polished grounding stones. A different stage than the other ones on this site. Helps connect and ground yourself to Earth matters and elements.

You will receive Several of these stones depending on weight and size.

Also includes free gift

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Set of "Hopi" Petrified Polished Grounding stones (sacred charge)

SKU: Groundhopi1

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