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Our signature piece! Really incredible deal ! As copper gets older and ages it gets even stronger! Incredible package of Rare Copper and Crystals

EMF Protection / Emf fatigue protection, remove negative pain and energy, Radionics, charging and much more !

Included is: (1) Trinacria Triskelion Royal Cubit Copper Tensor Ring Pendant

(1)AAA Strawberry quartz Cube

(2) AAA Elite noble shungite stones

Free gift included as well

Necklace material included

Shipping included inside the US

Outside of US charges flat rate shipping

Amazing deal !

Made from the purest 99.9% copper the Dream-Catcher Triskelion /Trinacria Tensor is designed for emf protection , psi abilities, improves physical stability, balances emotional issues, clears blockages and relieves pain, elevates energy levels, reduces fatigue, designed to form an energetic force-field that protects your physical body and your energetic layers, designed to protect you in the spiritual realms during dream-time. Ra also uses a frequency generator with orgone pyramids power devices at 432mhz to enhance the power of this tool. Sacred Light Torus Technology !!!shipping included inside United States, International Shipping is not includedSee more tensor. As copper ages it gets even stronger

Triskelion Cooper Tensor Ring Pendant w/ Strawberry Quartz / Shungite

SKU: 0001
  • Improves Physical Stability 

    Balances Emotional Issues

    Clears Blockages & Relives Pain

    Elevates Energy Levels

    Reduces Fatigue

    Protection From EMF

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