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This is One of a kind Priceless programming!

Programmed by Ra Castaldo to burn all negative patterns, thoughts and energies with Spiritual flames! Programming for Master Reiki Healing!

Huge sale on this incredible one of a kind

Medium size miniature Cabochon Gem Skull Master Carved highly detailed from Natural Rare Fire Matrix Opal in it's mother Rhyolite rock !

You have the option of having this made into a copper pendant as well ! Contact us if you are interested in this as a copper pendant


Free gift included

Shipping free inside US

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Absolutely the Highest Quality Fire Matrix Opal Rhyolite from Mexico ethically sourced and carved by Orlando our Master Carver

We only have two of these available until next year !!!2025 will be the next time we get in new fire matrix Opal Rhyolite, these are our brand new 2024 Newbies ! All ethically sourced, highly detailed, master Carved. These are actually gem cabochon skulls ! Fire matrix Opal Rhyolite is the more rare of the Opal from Mexico

This is number 1 of 2

This can be set in a ring , used as engagement ring gem setting for just the right couple!

Fire Matrix Opal Rhyolite Cabochon Gem Skull ( Mexico) Master Programmed