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Highest quality LG Moonstone Sphere (Programmed)


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Priceless Programming worth every penny !!!

This is the most sought after type of moonstone with both the blue and gold sheen flash within its matrix . Moonstone is one of the most incredible stones to work with for sure !!!!

Moonstone a variety of feldspar are incredibly valuable for their spiritual properties. They contain soothing properties and soothing influences and they help you maintain control over your emotions. Moonstone are incredibly magnetic on the astral level and when carried with the person or worn on the body or worked with will draw together the higher and lower natures of the individual, this will bring a balance to the inner self.

The astral magnetism we mentioned has to do with moonstone being able to draw and condense the subtle energies of the astral substances . When worn or held during astral projection or conscious dream working , they can give you that conscious dream control as they help stimulate the pineal gland.

They bring better and more psychic control and stronger astral dreams and images

Moonstone when worn or carried can reflect the very individual that holds it, reflection of the inner being and soul. Many use this stone for psychometry.

Interesting note many hereditary families , shamanic families and covens from the Mediterranean that I am aware of will give their new initiates a moonstone to carry for one month and then the coven will retrieve the stone and psychometrize it . This will give them a true clear image of the person or prospective member they are dealing with.

One of the best stones of protection and inner strength and for meditation and astral travel .

This sphere has been programmed by Master Reiki Healer Crystal Worker Ra Castaldo for the above mentioned qualities.

Priceless Programming!

Highest quality LG Moonstone Sphere (Programmed)


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