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Incredible Pyrite Cubed Specimen charged/impronted at N Salem NY Balanced Rock Red Granite Megalithic Dolmen

Weight: 2.34 oz

Stand included

Free gift included

Shipping included inside US

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Brings positive energy and positive thoughts magnified by the programming put into it by master reiki healer crystal worker Ra Castaldo.

When Pyrite is ignited or activated , and then programmed, it's not only active but can literally be hundreds or thousands of times stronger than it's normal state.

Programmed to absorb and transmute unseen negative forces, from WiFi to negative thoughts. Programming was done and Dolmen Imprinted @ N Salem NY Balanced rock Red Granite Megalithic Dolmen.

Pyrite Cubed Specimen ( Dolmen Imprint) Programmed


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