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Ra Castaldo is a certified, Reverend, spiritual advisor, Master Reiki Healer and Hereditary Seer.

Huge discount for a limited time!!!!!!! Right now we have 30% discount code up available for this package! That's right Coupon code is up to get 30 % off a full year of crystal skull readings ! That's at least 12 readings for the year !!!! Guide the course of your Year Through the ancient wisdom teachings from the infinite universes of light that we are connected to , that Crystal Skulls help connect the human consciousness to !

These are life changing readings !!!!! Ask anyone who has had one !

Usually $999 for a full year of readings ! Now get 30% off for a very limited time ! We have a council of over 100 skulls to assist you along your spiritual, cosmic journey Through the celestial waters of life !

Get Monthly Deep Dive Crystal Skull Master Readings from Ra Castaldo!

Help yourself be guided through the course of each month !!!!!

Client as chance to have readings each month of the year !!!

That could be a total of 12 readings !!!!

Client has choice of once a month orreadings for this incredible low price !!!!!

Over 100 skulls that Ra Castaldo is guardian of. One for every occasion and situation needed.

Deep Dive Crystal Skull Master Reading :

You can ask questions about past , current, future events or situations, people etc.

Past life regression

Soul mission

Dream healing

Reiki healing

Light family activation code given to connect to mandala of Akasha light , Plasma Waters / Solar Wind Network


Do not take this as any medical, psychiatric or clinical advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.

This purchase is for a reading only not for a skull ! The pictures and videos is showing the skull used for the reading. This skull is not for sale

12 Crystal Skull Readings , Full Year Package, Monthly Reading


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