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Master Reading: Crystal Skull " Chiron" aka Cai- Ro

Ra Castaldo is a certified, Reverend, spiritual advisor, Master Reiki Healer and Hereditary Seer.

Once payment is made we contact you for booking time

Cai- Ro aka Chiron is a beautiful Brasilian Golden Healer Quartz Crystal Skull Imprinted at N Salem NY Balanced Rock Red Granite Megalithic Dolmen during Alignments for many years.

One of our personal favorites to give knowledge of protection, healing , and great for energy workers .

Deep Dive Crystal Skull Master Reading :

You can ask questions about past , current, future events or situations, people etc.

Past life regression

Soul mission

Dream healing

Light family activation code given to connect to mandala of Akasha light , Plasma Waters / Solar Wind Network


Do not take this as any medical, psychiatric or clinical advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Master Reading: Crystal Skull " Chiron" aka Cai- Ro


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