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(LG) Natural Ammonite Fossil  from Madagascar Dolmen Charged (9.37oz)

Ethically Sourced by our own TMS Team this is from Madagascar and is an Ancient Ammonite Fossil with incredible natural spiral and unique patterns and cosmic Labradorite type flash . Very unique rare flash colors on this!

Charged at N Salem NY Balanced Rock Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen

One of a kind !

Weight : 9.37 oz ( large size)

Shipping included inside United States

Outside of US charges flat rate shipping

Free gift includ

The Ammonite often recommended to put in home to attract health, prosperity and success. Draws off all negative energies. Physically, Ammonites can help to increase stamina and vitality. Use Ammonites when working with issues of blood pressure or problems with the ears, lungs and degenerative disorders. They will also help to lift the heaviness that is sometimes felt during depression.

(LG) Natural Ammonite Fossil from Madagascar Dolmen Charged (9.37oz)


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