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Included is:

(1) High Quality Watermelon Tourmaline Specimen

Weight: 3.49/3.50 oz

Free gift included

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Amazing addition to any home, altar, office, greenhouse etc !

More about product : Amazing 🤩 one of kind rare crystal and deal ! This High quality Watermelon Tourmaline Specimen with Cascades of purple, pink, and green barrels of watermelon Tourmaline embedded all over it has been charged at the North Salem NY Balanced Rock Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen, during Winter and Summer Solstices of 2021 and 2022 ! This is the only place in the world you can get a crystal like this ! Also imprinted with 432 hz! With amazing green earth colors, not only is this great for meditation but also grounding! Amazing healing positive energies ! Big enough to be an amazing paperweight!

Pink/Green/Watermelon Tourmaline Specimen 3.49oz (432hz) Dolmen charged


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