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Wow! This is Highest Quality Gem and very rare! Huge sale price !

This is Natural Citrine Free Form with Rainbow and Fire Quartz Phantom Inclusions with a master craftsman custom wooden stand that's made to fit this piece of Citrine only ! You will see the right way to put it in !

Weight of Crystal: 4.49 oz

Custom stand included

Free gift included

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

One of a kind perfect centerpiece for any home! This is Real Natural Citrine!

It's also a natural free form Palm-stone and stands up by itself, which is very rare for a free form! Incredible rainbow 🌈

Not programmed

Can be used as high quality gem palmstone as well for incredible meditation and forming golden light psychic shields.

Very Rare Natural Citrine Free Form 4.49oz w/ Custom Wooden Stand


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