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Included is: (1) Ear/Head/Hands/whole body ACU vac system

(1) AAA Strawberry Quartz Cube

Also included are some

Strawberry quartz semi tumbled Teardrops

(1) AAA Elite noble Shungite Grounding stone

Free gift included

Incredible deal!!!!!

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Welcome to Sacred Light Technology ! Free Stone or Crystal with every order, Free shipping inside U.S. outside U.S. charges flat rate shipping This product built from the Vision of Ra Castaldo , custom made and his own creation. Built using the sacred cubit which has a harmonic resonant frequency of 144hz , this is harmonic light speed . This Ear /Head acu vac system is designed to clear: any harmful waves of radiation while using cell phone, also helps clear: negative chatter, negative energy, migraines , ear aches, fatigue, help silence the mind, bring the brain waves to a shamanic state of 8hz which allows you to tap into the Harmonic frequencies divisible to 8hz like 72hz 144 hz and 432hz like peaking into a cascade of mirrors, these are healing harmonic frequencies for the body, mind, and soul. This product can be used for many areas of the body , can take away physical and spiritual pain and so much more!be one of the only people in the world to own this custom product, Ra Castaldo has been using this new creation for months now and has tweeked the design to perfection. Can fit around ear perfectly , also very bendable thin pure copper was used so it can bend behind ear , very comfortable.Perfect for meditation, clear sinus and headaches , and soooo much moreShipping is Free inside United States, Outside U.S. charges for shippingFree Gift with Every order!!!!

Harmonic Light Speed Ear / Head Acu Vac system / Strawberry Quartz Cube/Shungite

SKU: Acuvacear1