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Ra Castaldo is a certified, Reverend, spiritual advisor, Master Reiki Healer and Hereditary Seer.

General Reading from "Neperteh" through it's Guardian Ra Castaldo

This amazing Gem of a skull is made from the Ultimate Natural Citrine AAA Grade Collectors quality from Brasil , Master Carved by World Renown Master Carvers , Leandro De Souza and his son Igor from Brasil !

Imprinted at the N Salem NY Balanced rock Red Granite Dolmen Megalithic site and the guardian of this skull is of course Ra Castaldo.

The name of this skull is " Neperteh"

General Reading, asking questions and revealing wisdom about current , past , future events , places, people , things etc.

Disclaimer:Do not take this as any medical, psychiatric or clinical advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.

This purchase is for a reading only not for a skull ! The pictures and videos is showing the skull used for the reading. This skull is not for sale

General Crystal Skull Reading: "Neperteh" AAA Natural Citrine Traveler (Brasil)


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