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Only one package like this Available!

A lifelong lasting package or gift for anyone who has been blessed enough to rediscover thos ancient sacred technology

Included with DayWalker ACU VAC copper Tensor pendant:

necklace material, special Emf Protection grounding stone crystal grid package that includes AAA Elite noble shungite and strawberry quartz


(1) Copper Royal Cubit DayWalker acu Vac with necklace material and free gift

(2) AAA Elite Noble Shungite Stones

(1) AAA Strawberry quartz cube

(1) petrified wood grounding stone (w/ certificate of verification that it was claimed ethically)

Crystal package and Copper has been Imprinted and Programmed with Priceless healing energies @ N Salem NY Balanced Rock Red Granite Megalithic Dolmen during solar Winter Solstice alignment sunrise

Can be used to pull out negative pains and energies, as a pendant , as a charging device, as a dowsing device and more !

Also, as the copper ages, it gets even stronger! This copper device / pendant and crystal package is very rare, custom made and very powerful!

No other copper acu Vac like this one in the world because it was charged at N Salem NY Balanced Rock Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen! Also comes with special grounding crystal grid package! Intense once in a lifetime package deal ! Get now even get 30%off with coupon code that's up ! Limited time only !


Amazing package deal!!!!! Also a free piece of AAA Real Strawberry Quartz included!

Help heal your mind body and soul !

Welcome to ...

-Sacred Light Technology

- Acu vac coils works like a vacuum cleaner pulls in negative energy in on one side and sending out a beam of positive energy in thru other side

- pulls pain from body physical and emotional

- can help with burns

- can heal broken bones, cuts quicker

- helps with tendonitis

- remote healing

- can be used for domestic pets as well and household plants

The Daywalker Acu-Vac Spiral DNA Repair series is 99 percent pure copper and can do the following but not limited to ....

Pulls Pain out of Body, Protects from harmful frequencies, designed to maintain mental, emotional and physical balance, EMF protection, 5g protection, Ra has specifically designed this to bring positive energy to any living being , to your physical body and Bio field. Protects you in the light and the Dark, designed to use on acupressure points and also amazing when used on sick or injured Pets!!!Balances energy points in body , can heal bones quicker, help with burns and soo much more! Get your Daywalker acu vac-Spiral DNA Repair now. Welcome to Sacred light Technology , this model was inspired by Slim Spurling.


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Dolmen Charged DayWalker Acu-Vac / EMF Protection Package

SKU: 0003
  • ACU - VAC Coil Pendant 


    protection from non-benefial frequencies

    remove / pull pain from body

    Attain mental, physical, and emotional balance

    Use on acupressure points

    Use on injured or sick pets to speed up healing

    balance chakras

    less jet lag