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Incredible life changing rare one of a kind package right here !! Only one of these packages available! Great Deal!!!

Rare Crystal and Copper Package series:

As the copper ages it gets even stronger!!!!


(1) XX L Copper Tensor Royal Cubit Halo Tensor Light Ring ( Electricity/ Smart Meter size)

(1) Medium Size Natural Raw Drusy Colorful Selenite w/ Calcite Specimen ( Very Rare/Ethically Sourced)

Weight : 3.41 oz

(1) Petrified Wood Grounding Stone with certificate authentication

(4) Elite noble AAA Shungite grounding stones

(1) samples of strawberry quartz or Fluorite

Free gift included

Shipping free inside United States.

Outside of US charges flat rate shipping.

About our XXL Copper Tensor Royal Cubit Light Ring

Jumbo Electricity "Smart Meter size" Halo copper Royal cubit Tensor Rings This is our favorite size tensor Ring, large size can even be used for cloudbusting , charging, clearing, pain relief, restructuring water

Can relieve pain , charge food, water, wine, herbs, crystals and pull negative energy out of room , body, aura.

Also as the copper ages it gets even stronger!

This is sacred light technology!! And not from the "Woo" "Woo" category either, its scientifically proven ! These Jumbo Smart meter tensor rings are designed to be a halo of protection for your physical and spiritual home and can even be worn during relaxation or meditation as a halo ! They can be used to protect your physical /spiritual body, and specifically designed to be able to fit snug around smart meters or can even be hung or taped inside of fuse boxes, around 5g, emf or any harmful millimeter waves of energy!

In combination with the acu vac is amazing , place acu vac in center of ring to pull out pain.

EMF Protection Set: Copper Tensor Royal Cubit XXL Light Ring/Selenite /Shungite


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