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Very limited quantity of these stones ! It is very hard to get high quality Aura Quartz because most people that sell Aura Quartz get it from China or other places where they use the lowest quality crystals and than hide the quality with the aura coating ! Ever wonder why many of the aura quartz crystals you can't see through? Because they are usually low quality! This is the absolute highest Quality Clear Quartz Crystal with Rainbow inclusions than infused with the aura coating ! Beautiful, Ethically Sourced and infused by Orlando our master carver !

Amulet / copper design handmade and created by Ra Castaldo

Necklace material included

Free gift included

Shipping free inside United States

Outside of US charges flat rate shipping

Aura Aurora Amulet: "A" Aura Quartz / Heavy Gauge Copper Cosmic Coil


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