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"Surya" H.E.A.L. Shield: Spirit Quartz Cluster Gem / Medium Gauge Copper Amulet

AAA Rare Spirit Quartz Natural Cluster Specimen wrapped in medium gauge copper introducing the new H.E.A.L. Shield called " Surya" Amulet

This is an incredible masterpiece only available at the mystical spiral store !

Imprinted with 432 Hz while making an bathed with Sage. Imprinted with healing frequency and is a priceless Amulet and pendant!

Free gift included

Sage included for cleansing when received

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Necklace material included

Spirit Quartz is a rare and unique style of quartz known for its candle like formation of very high quality quartz/ amethyst and even Citrine! Helps align your higherself to your regular everyday self and remove your fears !

Very powerful and easily programmable for the healing process your mind and body needs to go through. Great for cleansing/ purifying the aura and Bio Energetic field. Copper coils of copper wire intensifies the energies of a crystal , copper channels energies and has the ability to ground and transport vast variations of harmonic vibrational frequencies from the spiritual to physical, copper carries stone energies like copper wire carries electricity. Copper is a conduit from the Higher dimensions to Earth . We have found that spirit quartz is one of the absolute best natural clusters to wrap on a copper coil we have ever combined ! Simply amazing! You will see !

Programmed by Ra Castaldo

"Surya" H.E.A.L. Shield: Spirit Quartz Cluster Gem / Medium Gauge Copper Amulet


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