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AAA Cathedral Lemurian Pineapple Quartz Drusy Cluster Specimen natural wand (large size )

Weight: 6.04 oz

Free gift included.

Shipping free inside United States

Outside of US charges flat rate shipping

From Madagascar Gem collectors quality

Not only does Pineapple Quartz look different than most formations of Quartz but it also feels different than most varieties of Quartz. Once attuned to Pineapple Quartz, meditating with one can stimulate visions and access information from the akashic record!

As a meditation and astral tool pineapple Quartz cannot be beaten and allows you to retrieve information on a galactic scale !!!!

Don't pass up on this incredible masterpiece of nature!

AAA Pineapple Quartz Lemurian Cathedral Drusy Cluster Specimen (Madagascar) LG


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