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Very Rare Exclusive Package! Once in a lifetime purchase, change the atmosphere in your life with positive vibes now! As the copper oxidizes and ages it gets even stronger this is a priceless healing device bring harmony to your whole atmosphere, bio Energetic Field, your family, home , office etc !

Included is:

(1) Supernova 8 Tensor Ring High Grade Copper Royal Cubit Copper Harmonizer 144hz Torus System

(2) Very Rare High Altitude Himalayan Quartz Frequency Clusters (432hz) catalog imprint

(2) Himalayan Quartz crystal balls included

Harmonizer custom made to fit the crystal balls on top ! Amazing!

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Change the Harmony of your home, work , greenhouse or any atmosphere!

Enhanced plant and seed growth!

- Harmonizer built to help clear Earth energies

- brings harmony to any atmosphere

- Helps Plants grow

- Helps Butterflies, worms, Birds etc. thrive as well

- made of copper combination of rings and coils

- torridial (Torus) donut shaped energy field with coil in middle makes positive energy come out from the top of this,than coming back around, sweeping through it,pulling all the negative energy around into the base of the harmonizer through the coil, transmuting it again to positive energy out the top of this torridial field . The coil in center creates motion of flow . Helps Bring Harmony, healing and positivity to any atmosphere or living being !

- Harmonizer emits cosmic light field and has positive output

- Some clairvoyants will see a holographic light field

- Helps clean air in house , even smells

- Has agricultural , personal and environmental applications

- Helps with harmful microwaves, emf, 5g,

Supernova of light 8 Ring Copper Harmonizer/ High Altitude Quartz Package


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