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(Rare) AAA Pink Amethyst Drusy Slab (Natural Seer KeyHole) w/ Free Stand

Dolmen Charged @ Summer and Winter Solstice, and also Lions Gate.

From Brasil Sourced and cut in 2020

One of a kind Charged @ N Salem NY Balanced Rock Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen one of the best places in the world for prophecy!

Programming done by Ra Castaldo to receive higher dimensions knowledge, prophecy and knowledge about possible future events, past life recall etc.

You can't get another one like this in the world! From our personal collection Making it available on Ra Castaldo birthday!

This is a priceless piece for us here @ the TMS Family for the reasons you will read below. Bring Magic to your future with this incredible Centerpiece for any altar, home or office ! Even great to bring positive vibes to a greenhouse!

AAA Pink Amethyst Drusy Slab w/ (Seer KeyHole)

Stand included

Weight: 5.78 oz

Free gift included

Shipping free inside United States

Outside of US charges flat rate shipping

Pink Amethyst is highly sought after and the most rare of the amethyst family

This is cut from a slab but has a natural keyhole type of hole in the middle, also known as as Seer Hole , this one has a very rare key hole shape and is very rare piece for many reasons.

Pink Amethyst seer Hole Drusy Slab will help fulfill your dreams and chase away nightmares! Helps release and remove negative thoughts and energies . See into your future timeline and manifest your future. Remove negative emotions and get in touch with your inner self.

Slab cut by Sonya Kalal , Master programmed by Ra Castaldo

(Rare) AAA Pink Amethyst Drusy Slab (Natural Seer KeyHole) w/ Free Stand


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