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OMG ! This is an insane package deal !!!!

.Master Programmed by Reiki Healer Ra Castaldo

Programmed to remove negativity, negative thoughts and depression and bring clarity!

Priceless programming! Items imprinted @ N Salem NY Balanced rock Red Granite Dolmen during winter Solstice solar alignment only one package like this in the world

Priceless programming

7 Crystal Balls all Gem Quality included in this package!

The Purple Fluorite is of AAA Gem collector quality Fluorite and it's of a very highly sought after and rare to find color of purple that transforms in the light !


(1) incredible Purple Fluorite Large size Crystal Ball of the absolute finest quality! Transforms in the light! Exquisite! This fits in the center of the light grid stand !

Weight of Fluorite: 11.12 oz wow! Large size !

(6) Lemurian Quartz Crystal Balls that fit around outer grid of sphere stand. Himalayan high altitude quartz

(1) Custom made Wooden Astro Crystal Grid Sphere stand that lights up in the middle ! Remarkable work and deal !

Free gift included

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Great deal this Massive Flourite Sphere and such a powerful energy! Absolutely the highest quality And rare color Fluorite

AAA Purple Fluorite/Himalayan Quartz Set of 7 Spheres w/ Astro light Grid stand

$1,577.81 Regular Price
$1,562.03Sale Price

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