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One of a kind Master Programmed for protection, chases away nightmares and inspires one to fulfill dreams and goals ! Fights negative patterns and promotes positive patterns in your life ! Master Carved from a free form rare piece of Pink flower amethyst by the Kalal family and master programmed by Ra Castaldo Master Reiki Healer

Weight : 23.13 oz Large size !

OMG words can't describe how awesome this is !!!!

Highly sought after Rare Pink Amethyst Drusy Free Form master forged into this Amazing Crystal Skull Light Warrior!

Charged at the N Salem NY Balanced Rock Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen during Winter Solstice 2022, 6/21 /23 Summer Solstice and also during May 23rd 2023 visit!

This is one of a kind instant family heirloom !

Video of authentic N Salem Charging!

Free Mini Amethyst skull is included as a gift as well incredible deal!!!!

Shipping included inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Amazing energy !

Carved by Orlando , we have temporarily nicknamed this amazing skull " Peppe/ Peppita" because it has both masculine and feminine energies! Incredible Rare carved from a geode free form the nose shape very unique where we started calling it Peppe !

Dolmen Imprinted Rare Pink Amethyst Drusy Crystal Skull (23.13oz) Large size


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