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Crux Ansata LightWalker Tensor Tool is A New One of A kind custom Tensor Spiritual light technology kit ! Lifelong lasting Kit !

Not only is this designed to wear as an Amulet, but it's also designed to use as a clearing wand to sweep auras but also as a radionics platform for manifesting. AAA Lemurian Quartz Natural Obelisk included that custom fits on top of the spiral section of the copper device to work as a manifesting platform for your radionics work. For thoughtform creation or removal !

Ultimate Package !

Programming for Manifestation

Ra Castaldo has Programmed the Quartz for powerful positive manifesting abilities! literally a Petrified ray of divine light !


(1) Royal Cubit LightWalker Crux ansata spiral out copper tensor tool w/ necklace material

(1) AAA Lemurian Quartz Tower natural obelisk

(1) piece of rare Real Strawberry Quartz Crystal cube!

Lemurian Tower perfect size custom fit to go on top of spiral platform of copper device (see video)

Free gift included !

Free shipping Inside the United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Can be used as pendant, Dowsing instrument, healing and charging device, or Radionics

EMF fatigue protection

Also copper in future not only will have more monetary value but also as the copper ages and oxidizes it gets even stronger !!! Priceless energy!

Ra Castaldo has custom designed this piece , which is one of a kind spiritual technology. Unlike anything available anywhere else, designed after our own human body , designed to connect us to our higherdimensional brain, eternal spiritual technology that protects both spirit and matter, protects from emf, 5G, aligns physical and spiritual bodies, modeled after spiritual awakening experience, protects body during dream-time, enhances psychic ability, fights mental illness, helps with emotional and physical pain/stress.

shipping included inside United States, International charges flat rate shipping


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Royal Cubit Crux Ansata LightWalker w/ AAA Lemurian Quartz Laser Obelisk Kit

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