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New amazing package !!!

Limited stock now only one package left !!!!

Programmed read below !

XXL size Royal Cubit Copper Tensor Feedback Loop inspired by Slim Spurling!

This is the most powerful piece to remove and dispel negative energies and pain from the body !

Also as the copper ages and oxidizes it gets even stronger!

Included in this very rare once in a lifetime package is the following:

(1) Copper XXL Royal Sacred Cubit Harmonic speed of light Feedback Loop

So many copper rings within this device OMG!

(1) Himalayan Garden ghost shaman Quartz Rutile Free Form. Wow!!!!!

(1) Fire Quartz Free Form (Himalayan) N India

(1) mini Quartz Crystal Skull programmed

Programming done for it to be a reiki healer of negative patterns and energies and to boost positive thinking and knowledge. Enhance intuition and psychic awareness master carved and master programmed. Priceless programming on these items!

All Crystal custom fit inside the feedback loop for imprinting the healing process.

This is a lifelong companion package instant family heirloom!

Also as the copper ages and oxidizes it gets stronger and stronger!

Free gift package included as well !!!!!

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Hold the crystal in the middle of copper feedback loop while removing negative pain and energy f the body, that healing process will get imprinted inside the crystal so you can carry crystal with you always. Mental imagery intention of this taking place makes it even more powerful.

Fire quartz and Garden quartz both programmed by Ra Castaldo who is a licensed Master Reiki Healer. Programmed for spiritual growth, to relieve physical and emotional pain, and help relief of pain from past childhood traumas and for spiritual fire activation! Removal of negative energies and to find the root of the traumas and remove them ! Priceless Programming!

This is a lifelong lasting package and worth every penny! Imprinted at N Salem NY Balanced rock Red Granite Dolmen Megalithic site during winter Solstice solar alignment! Only one like this in the world !!!!

Copper Tensor Royal Cubit XXL Feedback Loop w/ Rare Crystal Package Programmed


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