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Master Reiki Healer Citrine Elongated Skull / XXL Royal Cubit Light Ring

Incredible Package !

This is Ethically Sourced highest Quality AAA Natural Honey Citrine from Brasil Package with XXL Royal Cubit Copper Tensor Light Ring !

Programmed for psychic/ Reiki master healing and to fight depression! Priceless Programming! Master Reiki Healer Skull

Included in this package is:

(2) AAA Natural Citrine Gem Collector quality Towers

Weight: 1 oz

Weight: .73 oz

(1) AAA Natural Citrine Collector Master Carved " Traveler" Gem Skull (Master Carved by the De Souza Family) in Brasil ! World Renown carvers and incredible unique Leandro de Souza "Traveler" shape skull . Highest Quality Natural Citrine rainbow inclusions and the most amazing skull you can ever own ! The unique De Souza Family

"Traveler" style is remarkable connections to higher self and it being made from the most incredible AAA Natural Citrine from Brasil is the perfect combination! This one carved by Igor De Souza

Weight : 9.76 oz ( Over half a LB)

Silk Pouche included for skull, silk helps protect energy of crystal

1) XXL Royal Cubit Copper Tensor Light Ring

Huge size that is custom made to also fit snug around your electricity/ smart meter if you choose to use it for those purposes.

Remover of pain, negative energies, charging objects, restructuring water , helps with the protection from harmful frequencies bombarding us constantly.

Reduces fatigue, balances energies / emotions. Twisted clockwise, Using the Royal Cubit This is the most powerful copper Ring we carry! We also have the double twisted Harmonizers !

(1) Mystery Pendant ( for a limited time for this Holiday season while supplies last we are giving free mystery pendants out to our customers with every order! Each order a random selection is made with all highest quality items!

This is a once in a lifetime package at a very low price !

Natural Citrine Traveler Skull is a world renowned master Carved asset that will always increase in value like all of these products in several ways , not only monetary. maybe you will be the one to have the pleasure to be its guardian?

This is absolutely the most ethically sourced highest quality AAA Gem natural citrine!

Master Reiki Healer Citrine Elongated Skull / XXL Royal Cubit Light Ring


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