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Why should we use Copper Tensor tools and Crystals? The Frequency war on this Planet :

Humanity has been infected by a Cosmic Data Virus! Only 2-3 percent of our DNA is coded the other 97-98 % is unexpressed,or what some have labeled "Junk DNA" , what many don't know is that the 98% is basically a cemetery of Viruses . Viruses can be both good and bad, they are how most species on this Planet evolve, both physical and spiritual evolution. I believe it was a Cosmic Data Bacterial Coded DNA Virus that was most likely ingested , that " switched off" a majority of our Human Genome. Genetically altered us . Transformations like this can take place within our Gut! (Adam and Eve, Tree of knowledge ingestion ) Cooper can help protect us from Bacterial Viruses both physical and spiritual viruses. Also can help with getting your mind to a meditative state, silencing the negative chatter of society , work, family, friends, media etc etc . Helping get your brain waves at a certain frequency where it can sense the higher harmonic resonant frequencies , the harmonic light fields all around us that we live within . This is where it is possible to access the Cosmic lock and key to our Genetic codes . Crystals connect to and even record data , vibrational echo memory of our harmonic energy grid. They can help the human consciousness connect to these light fields as well.


Our world is under attack from harmful waves of emf, all sorts of microwaves and radiation is bombarding us on a 24-7 365 basis. The technology on this Planet is evolving with Dark energies , lower vibrational energies that is destroying our higher-dimensional connection, and our spiritual evolution. Replacing our telepathic (Psi) abilities , with instant messaging . There's a literal frequency war on this Planet , we can help cleanse that negative energy, we can help cleanse the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, its all Hidden Deep within all of us, we are all embedded , encoded with Ancient DNA genetic digital Star Information. Its encoded within our unexpressed or so called "Junk DNA" . We have been seeded with a code that has made us predetermined to forget, a forced state of amnesia, that we breathe in at the moment of birth. Keeping us away from our true star origins, keeping us hidden from the ancient stellar mysteries encoded in all of us, keeping us cut off from the divine river of light ,the Higher-dimensional DMT flow of knowledge that only now drips down into our Torus System , our Bio Energetic field system during certain NDE or when artificially stimulated. This river of light should be open live a flowing stream, not turned off like a faucet. This is an absolute DISASTER ! Actually, this is the true definition of a Disaster ! Lets break this word down for a moment. DISASTER , is made of up of two parts , DIS and ASTER , DIS means moving away from, having less there of, cut off from , beneath etc . and ASTER means Knowledge of the Stars, the Stellar worlds etc etc.. so DISASTER literally means moving away from knowledge of the stars, having less knowledge of the Stars, moving away from or cut off from our Star origins and the stellar mysteries .

Well, the good news is, if something can be switched off with a code, than something can also be turned right back on! We Can battle and cleanse these energies thru using tensor tools and crystals . Most of all the power is inside of you, using the crystals and tensor tools can help unlock that power and be a powerful extension of yourself ! You Are Encoded with the Stellar Mysteries inside of You! ALL OF YOU! Welcome to Sacred Light Technology!

Much Love to all of you and Spiral out!

-Ralph-Anthony "RA" Castaldo

Here is a link to a new page on my website THE MYSTICAL SPIRAL , this goes even deeper into the Cosmic Wars that are taken place within our Multiverse.

Sombrero Galaxy Soul Station

Nebula containing Antares

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