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Important post !!!! New Arrivals and Sales also : NEXT 24 HRS ALL ORDERS WILL GET THIS .....

Hey everyone we got clearance sale and discount on all items all this week and we have All Brand New Arrivals that are the most rare, ethically sourced highest quality crystals you can find on the Planet!! Check out the website right now ! Also next 24 hrs all orders ony website will be receiving two very rare highest quality free Gifts!!!!!!! Your choice of any two of these rare items:

  1. AAA Grade Elite Noble Shungite

  2. Hopi Petrified Wood

3. Green Aventurine Grounding stone

4. Lepidolite grounding stone

5. Strawberry quartz teardrops

This is an amazing deal !!!not only do you get the most rare highest quality products but you get a free package of gifts !!!!!! Put a note along side your order letting me know which two of these gifts you would like! They are all very high quality and rare !!! Times are hard right now everywhere crystals and copper will be much more valuable , harder to get, and more pricey in the future. Take it from me I tend to have good intuition about these things . Crystals are calling us to work with them !!!!! The Earth needs it and so does your mind body and soul!

Love always Ra Castaldo

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