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Fans of Gregory Mannarino please read

Thanks for the support, This website is the product of years of hard work by Ralph-Antonio Castaldo otherwise known as Ra Castaldo , his wife Magick Mica and their daughter. Magick Mica is moderator for Gregory and a huge supporter of his work.

We have worked very hard in providing the highest quality most powerful products in the world ! All fans of Gregory will receive special free gifts with every purchase! Let us know at checkout or send us a message. We include free gifts with every order ! Also this is real science behind our copper coil and Copper tensor products ! It's not pagan new age, this is the most ancient of sacred science and technology , using the royal cubit measurements and twisting copper coils have been used from Nikola Tesla to the Great pyramid of Egypt! We come from both a Christian and hereditary Mysticsm background. Ra Castaldo speaks all over the world about his work and cutting edge research.

To find out more about our research and work you can check our Ra Castaldo's new appearance on a show hosted by NASA consultant Richard C Hoagland on

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