Mica Star is a rare find , a type of Muscovite , Golden Muscovite. Star Mica are actually called this because it's crystals grow into a special star shape , this happens by two crystals growing at the same time causing the star shape.  Helps awaken star knowledge within us!Some of the amazing qualities of these rare specimens:
Star Mica helps prevent negative energies from disrupting your mood or entering into your Bio energetic field.
It is a shield from negative thoughts, thoughtforms, and negative energies.
Star Mica helps super charge creative forces and abilities within sentient beings 
It helps spark ideas and creativity
Helps  maintain focus and maintain happy vibes
Star Mica is used when one is trying to deeply understand another s thoughts and emotions
Or when trying to understand any topic
Star Mica helps awaken the stellar mysteries within our DNA
The Star shape helps us tap into the star origins of who we are .DNA activation
Past Life on other Planets  recall
and much more ! 
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Star Mica Golden Muscovite

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