Two tabs included in package , plus rainbow Moonstone! Designed to stick near anywhere EMF , or anywhere harmful waves of energy are emitted. To apply first peel off stick pad on back, than can stick to back of smart phone, near wifi, fuse box, lap top,etc Pure copper with Copper flower of life design inside the Torus field. Included is (2 ) Flower of life 🌺 tabs and ( 1) free rare piece of rainbow Moonstone Amazing deal !!Rainbow Moonstone raw piece was charged at North Salem Ny Balanced Rock Feb 2021

Free shipping inside United States Outside US charges flat rate shipping Welcome to Sacred Light TechnologyProtects from EMF and 5g radiationHeals physical and energetic bodiesBalance emotionsEnergizes food and water Clears blockagesElevates energyReduces fatigue And much more !About Rainbow 🌈 Moonstone- has stimulating effect on pineal gland and sacred DMT Light in body- brings more psychic control , stronger dream travels,and images - moonstones able to draw and condense the very subtle energies of the astral substances - helps bring personal transformations-aligns energy in body-vibrational output brings calming and serenity effects-connects to your personal emotions and current mental state, will reflect the personality of the person who carries it-brings mental clarity-shields Aura from negative energiesand vibrational energies looking to cling ,fatigue , and/or attack you- raises and sharpens awareness , intuition, and intellectual level- helps bring new positive oppurtunities that can change you forever- increases intent power and thoughts- carrying will help ease anxiety and stress , great for meditations- helps expreess yourself and find what you truly need, brings amazing clarity

Phone / EMF Tabs (flower of life) and Rainbow Moonstone Pack


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