Comes with One Sacred Norse Tensor field Ring/Pendant, a special free crystal/stone /or charm ,  pendant /necklace material , and free shipping inside the United States! Outside the United States is charged for shipping. Amazing Deal


Newly Rediscovered Sacred Long Lost Cubit of the Norse ! Made from Pure Copper this can be used as a torus tensor field electricity ring and worn as a pendant. Welcome to Sacred Light Technology, This Torus Technology really packs a strong energy in such a small ring, proving with Tensor rings size does not matter for strength. Rings small or big of same cubit  all of the same strength, bigger rings having more of a distance of influence. This pendant/ ring is perfect for wearing as a necklace pendant or charging / cleansing water, food, crystals, and soooo much more ! Helping Reduce Fatigue, brings harmony both mentally and physically, good size for all ages! Even pets!  Helps Protect from harmful EMF , microwaves , radiation, fungus, harmful bacteria, rapid pain healing, scars, broken bones, headaches, allergies ! Helps protect your Bio Energetic Field! Also Great as a pendulum for Dowsing , and works great when Inside other Twisted Cubit Tensor Rings , this being the very important inner Torus field ring ! 

Sacred Norse Cubit Torus field ring/ Copper Pendant