Amazing Price!!!!

Included is One Sacred Cubit Torus Field ring/ pure Copper pendant,a free crystal/stone and charm, free necklace/pendant material and free shipping inside the United States! Outside the United States is charged for shipping. Amazing deal!!!!


Sacred Cubit Torus Field ring/ Copper Pendant is built at the harmonic resonant frequency of 144mz which is harmonic light speed!! Helps balance physical and spiritual bodies! Helps heal light body, the cooper ions pulsating off the cooper communicates with and helps purify the blood in your body! Helps remove any negative energy and or harmful energies and frequencies! Perfect for Wearing as a pendant or for scrying/dowsing, charging crystals/stones, cleaning water, food, charging food, and sooooo much more!! A beam of positive energy comes from the center of the Torus field and helps protect you from outside negative and harmful energies.

Also heals physical body, cuts, bones, bruises,scars etc ..

Sacred Cubit Torus Field Ring/ Copper Pendant