Very Rare and recently discovered in Southern India  .
Ruby Kyanite and Ruby Fuschite which is also featured on our site are both from same area.
Included is  1 palmstone of Ruby Kyanite and also 1  raw piece (tumbler) of  either rainbow Moonstone or Ruby Kyanite depending on availability.
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 Ruby Kyanite: 
Highly complex stone helps with  channeling higher vibrations into this Earth plane. 
Can help achieve the following: 
Helps activate 3rd eye and pineal gland activity, and Heart chakra
Strengthens heart energy , bonds , family ties, love relationships , self love, support of others , support from others . 
 Activates psychic abilities
Strengthen and heals mental state .
Makes one more aware of surroundings.
Helps rejuvenate entire body and bio energy system.
Radiates positive energy throughout your whole energy field.
Charged @ special Megalithic Dolmen in North Salem , Ny  ( Balanced Rock) Feb 2021 
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Ruby Kyanite Palmstone package , (Rare/ charged)

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