Very Rare and recently discovered in Southern India  .Ruby Kyanite and Ruby Fuschite which is also featured on our site are both from same area. 1 palmstone of Ruby Kyanite and a piece of  rainbow Moonstone included Ruby Kyanite: Highly complex stone helps with  channeling higher vibrations into this Earth plane.Helps activate 3rd eye and pineal gland activity, and Heart chakra Activates psychic abilitiesStrengthen and heals mental state Makes one more aware of surroundingsHelps rejuvenate entire body and bio energy systemRadiates positive energy throughout your whole energy fieldCharged @ special Megalithic Dolmen in North Salem , NyFree gift with each order ! Perfect for Valentine's Day and all year ! Shipping free inside United StatesOutside U.S. shipping charges flat rate fee

Ruby Kyanite Palmstone package , (Rare charged)


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