Included is (1) Rainbow Moonstone Wand/ obelisk ( large size) also (1) random raw piece of Rainbow Moonstone called a tumbler .
 plus free Labradorite gift  is included as well !  Great deal and highest quality product! 
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Rainbow 🌈 Moonstone:
Make sure to look at this stone in the light at different angles some of them will have beautiful hidden rainbow sheen that shows at certain angles in the light . Truly are amazing !
-  has stimulating effect on pineal gland and sacred DMT Light in body
- brings more psychic control , stronger dream travels,and images 
- moonstones able to draw and condense the very subtle energies of the astral substances 
- helps bring personal transformations
-aligns energy in body
-vibrational output brings calming and serenity effects
-connects to your personal emotions and current mental state, will reflect the personality of the person who carries it
-brings mental clarity
-shields Aura from negative energies and vibrational energies looking to cling ,fatigue , and/or attack you
- raises and sharpens awareness , intuition, and intellectual level
- helps bring new positive opportunity that can change you forever
-  increases intent power and thoughts
- carrying will help ease anxiety and stress , great for meditations
- helps express yourself and find what you truly need, brings amazing clarity

Rainbow Moonstone wand and tumbler package