Comes with One Ra-Mu Cubit Torus Field Ring/ Copper Pendant, a free crystal/stone and charm, pendant/necklace material  and free shipping inside the United States! Amazing deal !  Outside United States shipping is charged.


Welcome to Sacred Light Technology !!!

This amazing new product is the perfect size to build a series of Tensor Torus Field electricity rings, perfect for healing fingers, toes,  as well as perfect size to wear as a necklace / pendant or even use as a pendulum for dowsing or scrying!! One size bigger than the Norse Torus ring, and one size smaller than my New Sacred Cubit Tensor Ring. All go perfect together!!  When Worn reduces fatigue,helps heal body and mind, the  Ra- Mu Cubit connects to Ancient Sacred wisdom and measurements used in Lemuria and Long Lost Continent of Mu ! The Torridal space within The Ra Mu tensor Field Ring is one of the most powerful Torus fields and Cubits!! Helps retain Lost memories, deal with past trauma of past lifes and this one! Helps with acceptance of ones Karmic fate and destiny. Helps Protect from Harmful Emf, radiation, fungus , negative energies, allergies, etc etc.. Can be used to cleanse and charge food , water etc.  Can heal bones,cuts, scars, colds, and infections much faster!! Not a cure but a remedy! 

When worn this can help balance sleep patterns and protect your physical body as well as your Bio- energetic field and whole Bio- Energetic System that is the Human Being!! Sacred Torus Technology !! 


Ra - Mu Twisted Torus Field ring / Copper Pendant


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