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High altitude Himalayan Quartz Crystal Skulls. 1 inch charged with Crystal Skull Omegas Li @ North Salem Ny Balanced Rock. Omegas Li was charged during winter solstice Saturn Jupiter conjunction of 2020 as well as other equinox and Solstice days. These skulls have been charged with Omegas Li

Beautiful craftsmanship

1 crystal skull included

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This quartz I obtained from Himalayan mtns. Of Tibet , it's very rare High Altitude Clear Quartz. I than shipped to India to my master Carver to have crafted and sculpted into a beautiful piece, for its right owner.

Crystal skull guardians and warriors are uniting to help bring our Planet to a higher vibration. Spiritual Warriors unite! Join us !

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Master Carver High Altitude Clear Quartz Crystal Skull (rare)