Include is one 10 inch Selenite Wand plus free crystal

Shipping is included inside the United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Also included is a free stone / crystal

These Raw Selenite Wands/ sticks are approximately 10 inches long and between

.75 and 1 .0 inches thick .

Cleansed and charged on top of Bear Mountain, NY Sunlight.

These have amazing weight to them.

Price for shipping has increased so shipping is included with price.


Named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon , Selene ,this powerful translucent crystalline helps one clear , cleanse and connect to positive energy. The white translucence being about purity and serenity.

If your space feels heavy or stagnant than this is what you need to bring positivity and vibrant life back to you and your surroundings.

These truly are Psychic/ Psi sticks they are like Petrified wands or cosmic rays of living liquid light , a true spiritual weapon or tool in every light worker or energy workers arsenal / toolbox . One of the main clearing crystals used here at the mystical spiral .

Selenite can even be used to clear or cleanse other Crystals or stones.

Will bring vibrant waves of light to uplift the energy to anyone or any home or space desired .

It dispels negative energy and enhances clarity, focus and creates calm in any space.

Powerful Selenite Wands / PSI Sticks