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Dolmen Charged @ N Salem NY Balanced Rock Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen

Only one package like this in the world with the most Rare items in the world including Fire Matrix Opal Rhyolite from Mexico , Himalayan Quartz Rainbow crystal balls, Amethyst Drusy Geode cluster, and 8 Ring copper Harmonizer!

****New***Portable ****

Copper Torus Royal Cubit Harmonizer Device and Rare Gem /Crystal Package

Incredible package:

(1) Highest Quality Very Rare Color Combo Mexican Fire Matrix Opal on Rhyolite

This is a Collectors Gem Mexican Fire Opal Inside Rhyolite, this little powerful bad boy is worth over $500

Master Carved Skull that's custom made to fit on top of Harmonizer

Mexican Fire Cosmic matrix Opal are far more rare and valuable than most opals ! This is incredible and hard to part with.

(1) Nova 8 Ring Royal Cubit Torus Copper Harmonizer System designed as a supernova explosion of new electrons constantly broadcasting into your environment and Bio Energetic Fields

(2) Himalayan Clear Quartz Rainbow Crystal Spheres that are custom made to fit perfectly on top of the Harmonizer!!!!

(1) Highest Quality Amethyst Drusy Cluster from a Geode that custom fits on top of Harmonizer!

Also free gifts of crystals and grounding stone included !!!!

Shipping free inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Really this is a Priceless package One of a kind !

Putting amethyst on top will broadcast protection from bad dreams and so much more !!! Putting the himalayan quartz will bring clarity and mental health.


As the Copper ages and oxidizes it gets even more powerful! This is a life long device !!!!!

The price of copper is going through the roof everyone and this is the most powerful copper in the world! 999 copper

Cut from the Royal Sacred Cubit and twisted clockwise leaving only a positive charge within the copper to give a constant explosion of new electrons to the mind body and soul !

Harmonize your mind, body and soul today !

Bring harmony to any environment!

Remove Blockages, protect from harmful energies, emf, elf , microwave radiations, harmful bacteria and so much more !

Fire Opal Skull / 8 Ring Copper Nova Torus Harmonizer System / Rare Crystal Set

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