Amazing Rare one of a kind kit !

Welcome to Sacred light technology!

Included in this incredible package is:

(1) Handmade Large Cosmic Egg polished Shungite Amulet, with necklace material. Amazing !

(1) Royal Cubit Copper Acu-Vac Ear device, can be used as regular ACU vac and also fits custom around ear, made from high quality flexible copper to bend behind ear. This is custom design you can only find here at the mystical spiral! Can help bring you to higher harmonic frequency, meditation, even help with headaches, earaches etc.

Also included is:

Some samples of amythyst, and a piece of elite noble shungite A grade.

Free gift also included!

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(L) Cosmic Egg Shungite Amulet/ Royal Cubit Copper Acu-Vac Device Kit