Kyanite blue and Lemurian Quartz Ancient Crystal Specimen


Weight is 1 lb. and 12.3 ounces

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This product is a once in a lifetime buy that you can't find anywhere else in the world! From Brasil originally, this is a huge piece of ancient memory that has been charged at one of the most special places in the world and during some of the most powerful cosmic events of our lifetime ! Charged beneath and within the healing chamber Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen at the North Salem, Ny Balanced Rock during Vernal Equinox 2019/ Vernal Equinox 2020 and during the Winter Solstice Saturn Jupiter conjunction of 2020 which is a once in many lifetime event . Let's give a brief summary of why this is so important. North Salem Ny Balanced Rock is one of the rarest and most special Megalithic Dolmens in the world. It is made of 60 to 90 tons of Rose/Red Granite that is balancing on a few small quartzite slabs , built on top of a -400 gamma magnetic anomaly and has the face of a giant feline humanoid wearing a Pharaoh like head dress. A sphinx like Dolmen right here in NY. We call this "the healing chambers of Sekhmet. " It has been proven thru countless experiments that seeds charged beneath this Dolmen , experience enhanced growth , water charged here is cleaner . Crystals charged beneath here are supercharged and laying beneath it can help heal the mind body and soul ! It has been proven this site has archeoastronomy solar alignments on solstice and equinox , a power surge of plasma and electrons that takes place during Sunrise and Sunset, and  also during these solar alignments. Plasmic orbs , rainbow tubes of light , have been photographed by us and others at this site. Also the Red Granite this Megalithic Dolmen is made from is not from anywhere around this area. It is similar to Red Granite in the  Aswan Quarry of Egypt.  It has been in this location for thousands of years and built right on top of a magnetic anomaly and a special coordinate on our harmonic energy ley line grid . A healing chamber . We at the mystical spiral have been researching this location for many years and it has been also recently featured on the popular TV show Ancient Aliens. We had asked our higherselves and The Sekhem energy of this location if it was ok to offer this rare item to the public and what we should value it at , the answer we got was a remarkable Yes !  In fact , we were told the value is much more than what we are asking . When asking about offering this rare item to the  public , Ra Castaldo was telepathically visited by a 7 ft tall beautiful feline humanoid clothed in a gown of shooting stars and a feeling of triumph over evil, similar to the star card meaning of Tarot! She telepathically showed him that this stone location  is a multidimensional anchor of energy and her energy is associated with a higher dimensional frequency which our DNA is connected to that is related to the Nine harmonic laws or principles of the Universe. The Etruscans had 9 so called gods related to the creation and fate of humanity, The Egyptians had the 9 Ennead , Romans and Greeks had 9 muses / gods, Norse had 9 gods, Chinese had 9 Emperor gods the list goes on. So this Stone is connected with very powerful healing energies and this amazing Kyanite Specimen is imprinted with that ancient energy!

Kyanite Lemurian Quartz Specimen Charged at Megalithic Red Granite Dolmen


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