Blue Kyanite and Lemurian Quartz Frequency Clusters 

Kyanite:   special rare crystalline mineral maintains the magical charge encoded within it forever. Kyanite never has to be cleansed and  is very powerful. It assists in meditation, dreamtime , kinetic energy, remote viewing, healing ,cleansing, psychic powers, Kyanite strengthens the aura , and is great for healing throat and chest , great for vocalists, amplifies the strength and size of your auric bio field, your Auric Field.  Brings clarity to ones mind and body, perfect for those who need to focus and even do performances or public speaking.


Lemurian Quartz And Kyanite Clusters: Raw powerful clusters with Kyanite embedded within Lemurian quartz clusters. Treated with frequency generators and orgone powered pyramids , bathed in white sage before shipped ! Lemurian quartz very powerful energy  from Brazil and Lemurian are master healer crystals.

  • Ancient Lemurian Light Codes for light workers
  • Lemurian memory retriever , and kyanite helps to keep and maintain that memory
  • Ancient Seed of Lemuria 
  •  Ra chooses a random piece from the stock and charges it with a healing vibration. Big or small all pieces have a magnetic energy of its own and depending on size some purchases will contain more than one piece.
  • This piece and charge will last forever and is a priceless piece of the Universe, this is one of Kyanite’s main properties (maintaining it’s energy) and why we choose to work with it.
  • Outside the United states is more for shipping
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Kyanite / Lemurian Quartz Frequency Clusters

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