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Programmed By Ra Castaldo at the N Salem NY Balanced Rock Red Granite Megalithic Dolmen during solar alignment winter solstice for connecting back to nature, powerful meditation, clearing, removing astral debris, grounding to earth and having fluid positive energy flow! Priceless Programming!

This is from Poona, India

Incredible 14 oz cluster Drusy specimen

Custom Wood Platform Included

Shipping included inside United States

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Free gift included

Incredible Energy!!!!! Highest Quality Very Rare Apophyllite specimen! Insane Drusy OMG! A priceless tool to travel higher harmonic dimensions and bringing calming glow and peaceful silence to any atmosphere!


This Crystal is mind-blowing literally lol It

Is linked to astral travel, connecting to source and the higher realms , used for calming the mind and raising the vibration of the individual working with it, or on it's immediate vicinity. Brings love, peace and pure tranquility. Simply Stunning and exquisite Rare Natural Gem Specimen!

Great price and will bring a warm peaceful atmosphere to your home! Great in combination with Our Copper Harmonizers

Apophyllite Cluster Specimen (14.00 oz) w/ wood platform / Programmed


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