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This rare exclusive specimen was charged at the North Salem NY Balanced Rock during 432hz frequency generator meditation under the red granite dolmen chamber ! Really amazing healing energy!

Blue Kyanite and Lemurian quartz specimen of the highest quality . Raw amazing specimen . Measurements are over 4 inches long and over 2 inches wide. This weighs 10.60 oz.! Huge !

Comes with free gift !

Shipping is free inside the United States.

Outside US charges flat rate shipping

Incredible deal and once in a lifetime purchase!

About Blue Kyanite

Kyanite never has to be cleansed and is very powerful. It assists in meditation, dream time , kinetic energy, remote viewing, healing , psychic powers, and most definitely past life experiences. amplifies the strength and size of your auric bio field, your Auric Field. Brings clarity to ones mind and body, perfect for those who need to focus and even helps with public speaking.

do performances or public speaking.

Dolmen Charged Blue Kyanite Specimen (10.60 oz ) rare exclusive


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