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This Copper Royal Cubit Solar Flare Ankh Is a powerful Spiritual tool, healing device, and psychic connection necklace. Sacred Light Technology ! Powerful tool for psionic abilities and astral travel. also physical and spiritual healing!!

Also included in this package is :

necklace material, grounding stone and AAA grade crystals ! Amazing deal!

Also copper in future not only will have more monetary value but also as the copper ages and oxidizes it gets even stronger !!! Priceless energy!

Crystal and Copper programmed by Ra Castaldo for higher self connection and removal of negative thoughts

Can be used to reduce emf fatigue and protection from EMF, Radionics, Dowsing , charging food, water , crystals and so much more

shipping included inside United States, International Shipping charges flat rate shipping


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Large Royal Cubit Copper Ankh “ Solar Flare Model ” w/ grounding stone package


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