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Ra Castaldo is a certified, Reverend, spiritual advisor, Master Reiki Healer and Hereditary Seer.

This is A Master Deep Dive crystal skull reading where Ra Castaldo picks the skull for the reading that he feels is appropriate or maybe the skull is picking the client Thru Ra Castaldo however you would like to look at it.

Over 100 skulls to choose from , a certain type of crystal can be recommended as well that you would like a reading from.

A powerful experience that can be live changing!

There's also readings available where you pick the skull you want a reading from .

Deep Dive reading :

You can ask questions about past , current, future events or situations, people etc.

Past life regression

Soul mission

Dream healing

Light family activation code given to connect to mandala of Akasha light , Plasma Waters / Solar Wind Network


Do not take this as any medical, psychiatric or clinical advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Crystal Skull Reading : Master Reading


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