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Crystal Skull Reiki Master Healer Reading: Himalayan Rainbow Quartz Skull  "TEF"

Ra Castaldo is a certified, Reverend, spiritual advisor, Master Reiki Healer and Hereditary Seer.

Deep dive reiki healer reading is a deep dive reading and clearing of negative thoughtform patterns

Master Skull : " TEF"

Limited time sale !

TEF is a very special skull and was guided to be carved by The Cosmic forces of light and given to me by a Tibetan Shaman through my Friend And Master Carver Orlando who is from India and his mother is Mexican.

TEF is master Carved like any other skull I have ever seen , detailed like no other , noone even knows the age of this one ! Very special! guided and carved by the late R. Youngman

TEF is made out of Highest Quality AAA High Altitude Himalayan Clear Rainbow Quartz of Tibet ! Rainbow all throughout and it's carved elongated style , very elongated . Almost looks like the Indiana Jones skull from the movie !

But this is the real deal !

This was presented to me as a Reiki Healer Skull .

This high altitude skull is imprinted with the knowledge of the ancient Himalayan Masters. We use this to help cleanse spiritual energies that could lead to physical ailments

To shower you with high altitude divine cosmic light .

One of the most incredible and special skulls in the world!!! Can be life changing experience!


Do not take this as any medical, psychiatric or clinical advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.

This purchase is for a reading only not for a skull ! The pictures and videos is showing the skull used for the reading. This skull is not for sale

Crystal Skull Reiki Master Healer Reading: Himalayan Rainbow Quartz Skull "TEF"

$195.30 Regular Price
$177.72Sale Price

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