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Cosmic Moon Tree Pure Copper Bracelet is custom made for both men and women and a powerful healing tool for the mind body and soul .  This is made from pure copper, twisted using the Sacred Cubit , which has a harmonic resonant frequency of 144hz , which is harmonic light speed! 

Comes With Free Gift plus custom case for storage, Shipping is free inside the United States, Outside the U.S. charges for shipping .


Specifically designed to help bring your Bio energetic field to a higher Frequency.  And to help with artists and musicians having free flowing hands ! Not to mention it looks sooooo Amazing ! Be one of the only people on the Planet with this amazing healing tool and beautiful piece of jewelry. 


Some of the benefits from wearing the Copper Cosmic Moon Tree Bracelet are:

helps clear blockages 

elevates energy levels, reduces fatigue 

helps protect from EMF, ELF, microwaves, radiations 

Helps with grounding 

Relief from Stiff Joints, stiffness,arthritis, and pain

Great for guitarists, piano , horn and string instrument players or any artist /  worker using his/her hands in fact 

helps strengthen immune system

helps with better sleep routine and sleep regulation

helps with emotional and physical pain/stress 


and sooooo much more !!!



Cosmic Moon Tree Bracelet (Unisex)

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